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I’ve had the good fortune to travel a good part of the world and the United States. My job allows me quite a bit of freedom and I can work wherever I find an internet connection. I meet some pretty interesting people along the way and I plan to use this blog to tell you about my adventures and the interesting people I meet and ideas I come across. Expect to see some great views and get a sampling of the people and dogs I’ve met along the way. I hope you enjoy!

I can’t forget my dogs

The hardest part of traveling is leaving my fur babies at home. Over the years I’ve had young people who come stay at the house and watch them but those guys always grow up and go away to college or get real jobs or get married. None have had a baby yet so I’m not that old! And, actually, there were a few years when two went to the kennel because they would get stressed out and fight, and one stayed here with a sitter because she is old and pampered. Now we’re getting back to the point where I think all three can stay home. If I could just find a responsible high school student or college student to keep an eye on them and the house…

photo of white puppy
This is Miss Sophie as a little pup

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Oh, come on

Keeping a blog is sometimes a pain in the rear. I’m posting a new entry so that I can republish and hopefully get my site to index… rrrrrgh

Stop Waiting

I’m guilty. Looking and waiting for the next thing that will make me happy. For the weekend, for vacation, for a big change. But happiness doesn’t come in the waiting. Happiness comes when you stop waiting and make the most of what is right now. I read an interesting and short little essay on this …